UGro is a brand of Simply Organic, S.L. born in Barcelona in 2003. The brand is dedicated to manufacturing and suppling coir substrates, growing systems and natural nutrients. The brand is divided in four sub-brands: UGroBag, UGroCoco, UGroLab and UGroNutrient. Most of our products are biodegradable, eco-friendly and natural, in accordance with our philosophy responsible with the environment. In UGro we offer a natural experience through our work, giving back to nature what it offers us.


UGroBag is an ecological pot, made from jute, special organic fabric, 100% natural and non-plastic material. Due to the structure of material, our pot provides better aeration, which is important while the plant is growing and made to prevent root circling. As the pot is made from organic material, it is biodegradable and can be used for growing directly in the ground without any need to take it out with the time.

Why jute?

Jute has been used for seed protection, weed control, soil erosion control and other landscaping purposes. Jute is considered the second most utilised fibre on our planet. Using jute as the choice material for the UGroBag, we could make an ecological, biodegradable, eco-friendly and efficient plant container. Jute as a material permits air circulation, ensuring more oxygen to the roots resulting in healthy plants and reducing root circling in-turn.

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