Growing naturally with UGroBag

UGroBag is available in a variety of sizes and 2 shapes (round and square), with and without handles for a better commodity. You can choose an appropriate design that better suits your requirements and growing needs in the table below

Available sizes

Square Square with handles Round
0,7L 9x9x9 cm 30L 30x30x30 cm 2L 15×12 cm
8L 20x20x20 cm 40L 35x35x35 cm 4L 18×15 cm
12L 23x23x23 cm 60L 40x40x40 cm 8L 24×18 cm
110L 48x48x48 cm 12L 27×21 cm
16L 30×24 cm

If you need a personalized UGroBag, contact us and tell us what product you’re looking for. You’ll have a UGroBag built specially for you.


    0,7L – 16L. Can be used for seedlings, flowers and herbs.

    30L – 40L. Appropriate for small vegetables as tomatoes, carrots and fruits, berries and mushrooms.

    60L – 110L. Can be used for small shrubs and trees.

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