Answers to your questions about UGroBag

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Jute is biodegradable and 100% natural material, consisting of plant fibres such as cellulose and lignin, obtained from the white jute plant. Jute is environmentally friendly as it requires less land to cultivate, which means that growing jute preserves more natural habitats and wilderness for another species to flourish. Jute plants can absorb up to 15 tons of carbon dioxide and release 11 tons of oxygen, thus purifying the environment.
A fabric pot provides healthier growing environment for a plant, letting the oxygen to circulate better in the pot. In addition, jute UGroBag prevents roots circling allowing them to grow into the material fibre.
We pride ourselves by being eco-friendly and providing our customers with natural alternatives to others grow bags on the market. These are some of the advantages of using UGroBag:
  • 100% natural
  • Biodegradable
  • Variety of sizes and shapes
  • High tensile strength
  • Ensures better aeration
  • Prevents root circling
  • Facilitates air pruning
  • Has excellent insulation properties
  • Ensures antistatic properties
  • Guarantees low thermal conductivity
  • Can be used as in-ground container
  • As our UGroBag is made from natural fibre, it will not crack or break from frost or when dropped. A fibrous root structure has fewer problems in cold or warm weather.
    Yes, UGroBag are UV resistant.
    Absolutely, UGroBag are washable, we suggest washing them in cold water with an earth friendly detergent, and letting them air dry.
    UGroBag can change the colour if it is places under the direct sun rays for a long time.
    It depends on the use you’re giving to it. If your’re using UGroBag as an outdoor pot and it is in constant contact to the soil, UGroBag is going to degrade sooner because of its biodegradable characteristic. It can be solved if you lift the pot with any kind of support (like a pallet, a tile, etc.). Nevertheless, UGroBag can be re-use more than one time. If you’re using UGroBag as a decorative element, you’ll keep it for very long.
    We would suggest using:
  • 0.7L – 16L for seeds, flowers and herbs, as well as for small vegetables and fruits.
  • 30L and 40L for root vegetables as tomatoes, carrots and fruits, berries and mushrooms.
  • 60L and 110L for small shrubs and trees.
  • Yes, our UGroBag can be used with all type of substrates, but we could recommend our UGroCoco substrate. Both our products complement themselves very well, this would allow for a natural and eco-friendly gardening.
    Yes, absolutely you can use the UGroBag for indoor plants, as well as for outdoor ones.
    Yes! UGroBag is a unique product because you can use it not only as a grow bag but also as a storage container for diverse goods or just decoration purposes. UGroBag is a bag for everything!
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